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Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems

Valeo offers one of the largest range of smart sensors and features that improve vehicle safety and comfort such as automated parking systems and enhanced automated driving systems.

Marc Vrecko
President, Comfort and Driving Assistance Business Group

Valeo develops products and designs solutions for intuitive driving, focused on the end-user. With our large portfolio of technologies and expertise in detection systems, advanced human-machine interfaces and connected cars, Valeo can provide a unique offer for mobility of the future.

Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Key Figures
at end 2019


million euros in sales / 19% Group's OEM sales




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Driving Assistance Systems:

The market leader in parking and driving assistance, this product group designs ultrasonic sensors, radars and cameras that are used in conjunction with apps to detect obstacles around vehicles, making driving and parking more enjoyable and above all, safer.

Interior Controls

A world leader in the human-machine interfaces, the Interior Controls Product Group uses its extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of vehicle architectures to strengthen the concept of intuitive driving through developing high quality, innovative, robustly designed solutions for premium markets as well as emerging and mass markets.

Connected car

Enhances communication options for drivers by offering a full range of connectivity solutions from short-range connectivity (hands-free access) to long-range connectivity (telematics units to connect to mobile phone networks). It also develops innovative systems that enable the integration of new smartphone applications such as car sharing services and remote parking systems.