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It’s more than just a job

We do enjoy our job. But we look for fun elsewhere too. And Valeo does support our team building, sporting and cultural activities and events. See what has already been around and what will take place regularly.

Family and Friends’ Day

There are many technologies being developed here in Prague that are not so commonly known yet. Whether it is a prototype technology or a couple of months old gadgets for the latest models of expensive cars, the general public gets to see such jewels only occasionally.Therefore, we decided that our families should know what we are working on here. And here we go: every two years we show our families and friends where the cutting-edge trends in automotive development are heading. This event has already become a tradition. We prepare games for children and the grown-ups get a ride in adapted cars. We also offer some delicacies to be eaten together and enjoy the sounds of our corporate band as well as a DJ’s performance. Over 400 friends and family members came to spend a wonderful afternoon at the Test Track in Milovice last time.

Travel Evenings

Someone travels and somebody is happy just listening to stories, gathered during travel adventures. Anyone can attend regular travel evenings held in one of the meeting rooms at the Valeo plant in Žebrák. Our colleagues talk about their experiences and share pictures from their trips abroad. This tradition was established in November 2017, and the first group of attendees went for a vicarious journey around Manaslu.


Our colleagues, keen on football, trained during the spring and autumn months. Valeo provided financial support in the form of paying the renting of the hall. The players could then show how well they had trained at a small football tournament called VALEO UNIONS CUP. This company tournament has been held since 2010 and its seventh year hosted 6 teams from our branches in Žebrák, Rakovník and Podbořany. There is always a very nice number of fans and supporters helping their friends win.

Ice Hockey

At the beginning of 2017, our colleagues from Rakovnik site amazed us by their extraordinary talent in the CHALLENGE CUP. It is a “all-play-all” tournament where the teams, consisting of players from the Central Bohemian Region production plants, compete. Although perhaps competitors in the field of automotive and in ice hockey, all participants became friends after the tournament – this was how that event felt like one February afternoon.

To find out who is the best on the ice, hockey tournaments are also regularly held among single Valeo sites. Another round was hosted in Ledeč nad Sázavou at the beginning of 2018. The winning team was from Valeo Humpolec. They also impressed everybody with their ability to reach an ideal ice surface. The entire event attracted numerous audience as well.

The Test Track Fest

We test everything what we develop. And our test track is a real gem that is not available to many other companies. We use the area of ​​a former military airport that is also popular with organizers of various summer music festivals. And why should we be left out and not make our own festival? That is how The Test Track Fest was born. A part of the festival was even held in one of the former military hangars, just to spice it up a bit with a special atmosphere. We had fun with a wipe-out, in a giant ball and with an enormous table football. In addition to all these attractions, there was even a small plane, ready to offer us an aerial view of the test track. The music part of the event was covered by 4 bands that had been chosen by our employees, later followed by the performances of our own band and a DJ. We closed up the festival together by spending a night in a tent town, and crowned it by a breakfast the next morning.

Motorbike Trips

It is safe to say that you can find many adventurous motorcycle souls among our colleagues. So why not to go for a ride together? In 2017, there were enough enthusiasts to organize such a trip. Some of them took a pillion passenger and set off for a “gang” ride. In total, 9 motorcycles rode to Králův Dvůr and further to Řevnice. Sure enough, they could not omit the old, majestic Karlštejn that afternoon. As is customary during such rides, the bikers stopped to have a little snack as well as a bit of rest. Their day was rounded off with a dinner.

VALEO DAY in Rakovník

Our colleagues from Rakovnik know how to whoop up stuff. In January 2017, VALEO DAY, a party for employees, themed as a “Czech Evening”, was organized at the cultural center in Rakovník. The place became literally flooded with period costumes not only of medieval style but also of those ones, inspired by more modern times. The refreshment was prepared in the “Czech, home-made” style in the form of a pig slaughtering, and everyone could try out all possible sorts of pork products. Besides, vegetarian and other meatless dishes were available as well. In addition, a short lesson of old Czech dances was included in the programme too and it was carried out by a professional dance group. And since gambling undoubtedly belongs to old Czech pubs and inns, those who do not enjoy social life, could try their luck in playing traditional card games, accompanied by other table activities. The event was attended by almost 400 employees.

Fitness – Physical Trainings and Dancing for Everybody

We opened our own modern fitness facility for the employees in June 2017. First, you can find there a smaller cardio zone (treadmill, spinner, rowing machine) and the other part of this room is equipped with mirrors for group lessons. Additionally, there are two wall bars for those who just want to stretch their back a bit, and more passive sportspersons can enjoy themselves playing a table football. Various group lessons have also been a great success. Some of them require using modern exercise tools such as BOSU, TRX, and kettlebells, all freely available in the gym. And what more? We practice yoga, pilates and a circuit training as well. Last but not least, lectures of individual/pair salsa are also regularly held at our site.

Sports Day

Our Žebrák colleagues have been organizing a sports day for more than ten years. They compete for the “Golden Evaporators” in two disciplines, volleyball and soccer. The only prerequisites to join are: enthusiasm, a good team and a registration form. The awards are given to the best team as well as to the best individuals. Attendees with less sporty souls can just enjoy the day and taste some good food, together with their colleagues.

Bike Trips

We in Valeo just love to travel, no matter if it is “merely” with a projector at the travel evenings or real outdoor activities. The Rakovník bikers took out their gear and set off for a 20 km ride. They began their trip in Rakovník and with little refreshment breaks cycled all the way to Pustověty and further to Křivoklát.