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Operational Excellence

At Valeo, operational excellence is a core value applied in all our development and production sites, and reflects our commitment to total customer satisfaction. Our aim is simple: to be the preferred partner of automakers by delivering innovative technology at the best costs and world-class production quality standards, while also achieving sustainable and profitable growth.

Christophe Périllat
Valeo Chief Operating Officer

Everyone, whatever their level, is at the service of our customers.

The 5 Axes Methodology and Schema

We use a “5 Axes” methodology to ensure operational excellence and customer satisfaction. This system is rigorously implemented at all of our development and production sites around the world.

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The 5 Axes
For customer satisfaction

Total Quality

To meet customer expectations in terms of product and service quality, everyone, employees and suppliers, must deliver total quality.

Valeo Production System (VPS)

Valeo has developed its own production system which implements a set of methods, tools and state-of-the-art production processes within a working environment that promotes quality, performance and employee motivation.

Supplier Integration

In order to deliver the highest quality products and services while remaining competitive, Valeo has set up a supplier base integrating the most efficient suppliers in terms of innovation, quality, cost, delivery and risk management.

Involvement of Personnel

Operational excellence cannot be achieved without the ongoing commitment of all of the Group's employees. Valeo therefore implements processes aimed at creating a safe working environment that fosters employee well-being.

Product Development

To develop its products and systems, Valeo’s highly qualified Research and Development teams work within an optimal organizational structure that combines professional skills and product expertise with first‑rate methodology and best-in-class project management tools aimed at ensuring product robustness and competitiveness.

Operational excellence