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Park my truck! – Czech students came up with bold ideas at the EMEC competition organized by Valeo and the Czech Technical University

Innovation / Products & Technology | #OpenInnovation

Valeo in cooperation with the Board of European Students of Technology at the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) organized a one-day engineering competition on the topic of automated parking.

The topic chosen for the competition was connected with a real-life R&D challenge in the field of automated parking. Students had to design and build a system to detect and guide a truck towards a parking space, just as if it was in the logistics area of a production plant. On top of that, they had to create a solution to automatically load the material on the truck once it has reached the defined parking position. This task required a complex set of skills including signal processing of ultrasound sensors, designing the algorithm for the guidance, writing the code for the micro-controller and last but not least some solid basics of mechanical design to create the loading system.

For sure, no real trucks were involved and no sand to load. Students used toy trucks and rice to simulate the real-life situation on smaller scale.

The 7 participating student teams coming from several faculties had 7 hours to come up with their solution and then to produce a functional prototype from the materials available in the shop. The material usage was regulated and considered in the final ranking which encouraged students to follow a strict “design to cost” approach and thus simulated real automotive R&D conditions.

Finally, they had to present in front of the jury consisting of colleagues from Valeo Prague R&D center and university representatives.

The first place of this team design task has been awarded to the team “Totaluon” from the faculty of electrotechnical engineering, followed by the teams “My Computer no accepts cookies ” and “FELita” from the same faculty.

EBEC is the European BEST Engineering Competition, conducted by students for students. It is a project lead by the Board of European Students of Technology. Teams that are composed of four students from technology fields, regardless the status of their degree, are challenged to solve the tasks that are provided by BEST in three different competition levels. The team which proves to be the most efficient, creative and successful at the end of competition final is granted the “BEST Engineers of Europe” title. EBEC project begins functioning every year by the first Local EBEC Round that is conducted in Europe; afterwards moving onwards with several other Local EBEC Rounds as well as National/Regional EBEC Rounds and reaches an end by the EBEC Final event that is organized in the beginning of August.