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Thermal systems

The Thermal Systems Business Group develops and manufactures systems, modules and components to ensure the optimal thermal energy management of vehicles and in-vehicle comfort for each passenger during all phases of vehicle use and for all types of powertrain. These systems are designed to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions
  • Optimize travel range and battery life for hybrid electric vehicles
  • Provide in-vehicle comfort for vehicle occupants in all weather conditions

High innovative potential for the Business Group lies in:

  • electrification of powertrains,
  • intelligent energy management,
  • in-vehicle comfort, air quality, health and well-being of passengers
  • CO₂ emissions reduction

for all kinds of vehicles (passenger cars and commercial vehicles)

Francisco Moreno
President, Thermal Systems Business Group

We develop unique thermal management solutions to support cleaner, safer and more reliable mobility. Our innovations creates a thrilling interior experience that is adaptive, sensory, personalized and promotes passengers health and well-being. We design the interior climate of the future.

Thermal Systems Key Figures
at end 2019


million euros in sales / 24% Group's OEM sales




production units


development centers


research centers

Thermal Systems Product Overview


In responding to market demands for reduced fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions, Valeo offers numerous and modular solutions for all levels of car electrification and segments  from low voltage for mild hybrid electrification to high voltage for full electric driving.

ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Emissions Reduction

Valeo develops a comprehensive set of technologies for internal combustion vehicles with the aim of reducing CO₂ emissions, NOx emissions and fuel consumption. We focus on 4 axes in our solutions: air-conditioning efficiency, lightweight solutions, better aerodynamics and engine thermal management. Some key solutions which have been brought to the market include:

Interior Ambiance Design

Valeo presents an adaptive approach to comfort, conceiving it as a multi-sensory experience customized to passengers’ needs. Indeed, in the near future, cars will not only drive by themselves but will also take care of their occupants. Pleasure and well-being are intimately tied when it comes to the cabin ambiance.